Regionals EUROPE 2014

imageHello pink blogg long time no see :(

Have been moving out from my room at st hans haugen to majorstuen , and it took some time , sorry but now im back .

We in the Team of crossfit oslo are fully preparing for the regionals and all the regional events for teams is out , unfortnately nothing im good at , so have alot of work to do , for example handstand walk started of like a month ago with big help from Elin Engman and Kristin Holte back then 1 millisecond handstand hold was imposible but now I actually made some progress and 3 meters is the longest so far , for my score to count I need atleast walk 3 meters on my hands in 2 try. That I think I can manage,  The ones watching the event will know first , but dont worry I will let you know anyhow ;)


Next post will talk more about the team events – but now I need to head to team training , here is whats on the menu for us tonight

Menu: Regional based work outs

1. Rope climbing Technique

10 rope climbs each in a groups of 3 (30 in total)
* Fast and efficient movement with a focus on reaching the top in a round
2-3 steps

5mins Rest

2. Emom 5
5 unbroken Thrusters 62.5 / 43

Rest 5 mins

3.Partner Rowing and DU’s
500m 90% / max DU’s
* each partner completes a total of 1500m

Rest 3mins

4. Emom 10
5 pull-ups strict (chin must be over bar)
5 kipping pull ups
*dont let go of the bar between pull-ups and TTB
4-7 OHS 85 / 62.5

 Sounds like alot of fun , im gonna try to sqeeze in some strict handstand pushups aswell , did my first yesterday and now I need some more !
 If you are going down to cph to watch and support the team I think you should buy this awesome t-shirt i made ;) if you dont go to regionals and still wanna support us , you can buy this awesome t-shirt aswell  , but you need to be fast and email me its a very limited edition and it will cost 400 nok


Raymond Paldanius

This is a blog/homepage about me Raymond Paldanius and I am a hard training 31 year young Crossfit Coach at Crossfit Oslo.

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