Nor Man nor Beast – King Kong

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Before vacation I decided to do something fun that I have been looking at for a long time its a very famous crossfit workout and its made by the famous Rudy from The Outlaw way wich is one of the cooler programings that exist for crossfitter that wants to follow a solid program !

So KING KONG – This is a monster of a workout. It’s not named King Kong for no reason. If you can’t lift very heavy weight you might want to just steer clear of this one :)

I think I can do it faster but didnt know what to expect with that heavy loads in a wod, And it was heavyiii hope you like the video and my editing skills ;)

Next post will be about vacation and my first solo crossfit competition , some movie editing here as well ;)

Raymond Paldanius

This is a blog/homepage about me Raymond Paldanius and I am a hard training 31 year young Crossfit Coach at Crossfit Oslo.

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