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image23 place not exactely what we was hoping for , and we had the capasity to be better , but things just didnt turn out that way , event by event – the first one muscle ups and c&j the one we finished at training , would we finnish it at regionals we would have been at second place , but yeah we didnt have a plan for things not going our way so we didnt come second here :) Event 2 hang snatch , here I blacked out bigtime its much to say about this one but nervous stressed and bad focus sums it up pretty well , in the next event handstand walk I made my 3 meters :) why I didnt walk further can also be a mystery because I had pretty good balance but it just seemed so f€$£cking long to the next stripe :/  so after day one we was on a solid 29 place and the road to games could seem a bit hard , so not sink any deeper on the list of teams was a good start (30 teams in total) day 2 Eivind watched 300 movie on the way to the arena so we where supposed to dine in hell but when we knew we sat in almost last place we needed to harden the fuck up and we did- Eivind did some thrusters (only 53) I gave him 3 bonus of mine , we did some rope climbs ended up second in our heat AND WE WHERE GOING TO THE GAMES as Immortalls . Next event strict handstand pushups and something more , E and D did their reps fast and distinct but our judge was definetly from deutchland , so booth D and E did some bonus reps for jesus , and it was my turn :) with a solid sinuitis (bihullebetenelse) upside down was just a perfect movement I mean I had like 2 reps before so here was something I should crush but we can just blame hitler things didnt really become crushed and it even took to long so the girls didnt have time to crush it either :( well well . Day 3 was coming in and it started of with a event we knew we was going to do good and we did :) we won everything ….. And dined at hot buns… Last event pullups and overhead squats we had 16 minutes to finnish it and in training we made it in only 35 minutes so going in to this one we knew things might be complicated – but I got to tell ya know 2 weeks after im still sore in the lats and shoulders from thoose pullups and oh squats !

Sum it up with a supergood experience, epic weekend with a lot laughing and really charged for next year and big ups for everyone participating – the Team – the fans at home and the fans at the tribune – our massageteam – the au pair – and crossfit oslo who have build us ATHLETES !

Sorry it took so long for the post to come out ! image

Raymond Paldanius

This is a blog/homepage about me Raymond Paldanius and I am a hard training 31 year young Crossfit Coach at Crossfit Oslo.

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