I would be glad if I have to do burpees at regionals


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imageSo the team training has been going on for the last couple days , and the team events was released for a while ago, not so happy with the outcome I must say but its just to harden the f@@k up and get workin on the weaknesses, Event 1 isnt to bad and would actually for me be pretty enjoyable if just the muscle up rings where a little bit higher , but here I know our team can do good , the first regionals events worldwide kicked of this weekend and after watching it Its not many team that where able to finnish the first wod , and on team training last thursday we finnished it within timecap wich is real gold !HVP_20140510_8-2Event 2 the hangsquat snatch isnt to bad either, us guys have pretty much the same weight here wich is an advantage timevise and we looking to hit something above 90 kg all 3 of us and did so in practise on thursday , the girls snatches are also good and I think we can have a good total score on this one ! And then comes event 3 few minutes later :) The max distance handstand walk oh my god :) Daniel Eivind and Maris handstand walk is pretty solid mine not so much and Ingunn and Marie also have some small dificulties finding the balance but some more session and I think we will manage some feets togehter in copenhagen.

Day 2 and Event 4/5 Thrusters and ropeclimbs Here the girls have 10 minutes to finnish the event and right after us guys have the same just slightly heavier thrusters , on fridays team training we didnt really reach our goal before timecap, but we have a smarter game plan of bigger sets of thrusters and maybe switch the bar in front rack (the bar cant touch the ground) so with some gamepower and harden the f@@k up we can do it !HVP_20140510_2-2

Event 6  So here comes my favorite event NOT SO MUCH , strict handstand pushups :) not even close!! My personal best is 2 unbroken and thats allso the score I got on friday :( buhu , here I have the most work to do to not let team down, because every rep counts right so I really gonna try this last few days to get in some more shspu so can do some cleans and aswell would be so glad to do thoose 9 burpees !

Day 3 event 7 This one of the teams better events and here the guys are paired with the girls, and me and Ingunn are going out second starting of with rowing while Ingunn doing double unders and the switch meaning i will have some pulse (a nice warmup) before going in to thoose lovely double unders this part is not our strongest because of little slow double unders , but when we finnish that and get to the deadlift we will make up some ground , and then on the toes to bar we just need to hang in there hang in the toes to bar hang han ha ha  !HVP_20140510_12-2HVP_20140510_11-2

Last event 8 this one is nasty , and if everyone would move as good as Daniel it wouldt be a problem but its just the amount of pullups and heavy overhead squats is a hard combination and here we need to fight for every rep, saw the best times here where like 12 minutes and we `only` used 30 :) but we going in full retard and we will se how it goes!

You can follow us at  games/crossfit.com on friday we kick of at 9 in tha morning so make sure the black brew is on by then !

Raymond Paldanius

This is a blog/homepage about me Raymond Paldanius and I am a hard training 31 year young Crossfit Coach at Crossfit Oslo.

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