Crossfit Games OPEN 2014 – my view as an athlete and coach

The Crossfit Open 2014 is finally over. Im gonna tell you my views on it both as an athlete and as a Coach. My Goal this year was to be better than last year, and with more participants in the Open this year, and people all around the world getting better, I thought that was a good goal for me to master. Last year I landed on a place of 1435th in Europe region and 16063th place worldwide (only) with a few months of training.

This year I ended up on spot nr 302 in Europe and placed 3067th worldwide , quite a progress :) I was sitting in a 230 place before the last workout, but the burpees got me, so i now found my proper GOAT to work on.I even did 14.5 three (!) times and went to a place we all call the dark on every single attempt. The times weere 14:29 next 14:18 and for the third shot I hardened the f$%k up a little bit and got it at 13:29. Well you can imagine some burpee work will be on my schedule for the future, but all over I am very happy with the final result and its a good progress from last year.

Me hitting 14.5

I also had a small goal going into the Open, to qualify for the team that CrossFit Oslo might send to Copenhagen. Now it looks like im after all my burpees have a spot at the regionals in CFO Team :D Our new training plan is starting yesterday, gonna tell you more about me and the teams training towards may 16-18 and the road to regionals!

As a coach I first need to say somethings about the programming from CrossFit HQ :

The first wod 14.1, Loved the start of Open2014 – double unders and snatches. I really liked this one because it includes everyone, in the way that you only needed 1 double under to participate with a signed scoresheet. And in addition you got some days to train and get your first double under. It also pushed people to a lot of improvement which I witnessed myself. Focus and hard work over a couple of days really can improve your double unders.


The second wod 14.2, was overhead squats and chest to bar pullups. Mr. Castro took it to a whole new level and for the people doing their first open, it could seem pretty hard for some to just get 1 repetition of OHS. A start with a lighter barbell would indeed get more people included , BUT with that said I saw some really good performances in people trying to get their first overhead squat with 43/29 kg in 3 minutes and after that the ones with solid overhead squats were working so hard to get that chest touching the bar for one or more reps.

The Third wod 14.3. The broke back wod every one screamed about, but it wasn’t that bad, was it ? I will agree my last reps at 145 kg was my heaviest 145 kgs of my life, but I tried to hold my back solid and keep on not getting injured. Safety was and is the most important thing in our sport of fitness and we want to keep it that way, which i remind my athletes on every single day. The standards was really good all over, with some people pr their dead in a WOD and I saw some really strong efforts from the strongest to the beginners.

The fourth wod 14.4, was a really funny one. For me the big dream was to get back to the rower, for others; rowed like h$%&LL and trying to bust out their very first true toes to bar.


The Fifth wod 14.5, was going to hurt bad , for me I knew thrusters wouldn’t be a problem but the burpees…., the first timed wod in the open history, and for people to just get through it was a big mental thing. I am so impressed over one guy doing it at CFO on friday in 37 minutes, thought he had it , and then he said he would come back and redo it on monday, my thought offcourse; why go thru that again ? But in true CrossFit spirit he comes back and shaves of 10 minutes and a big smile with words that he is looking forward to the next years open, when he will be even better!

This was my first post and there is more to come in the future, hope you like it.


Raymond Paldanius

This is a blog/homepage about me Raymond Paldanius and I am a hard training 31 year young Crossfit Coach at Crossfit Oslo.

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