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Caveman street throwdown diano Marina Photo by

Caveman street throwdown diano Marina Photo by


So me and big Fredd decided to go to eataly for som pizza vine pasta and beaches. But on our way to the beach after the mornig pizza we stumbled upon a crossfit competition , and just for fun we decided to join the competition (why not lissom)The first wod was a 6 min amrap of 30 du and 15 thruster @30kg a short movie will show what went down

I got 4 rounds plus some change pretty ok and at least I qualified for Hardman and not beginner :)The second wod they had a lotteryto decide witch one, and it was betwen Helen Grace or Isabel , the only one I didnt really like was helen because of low pullup bars , so offcourse Helen was the wod that was drawn :DPretty shitty pace by me on the running on helen so ended up on a 9th place , not god at all :(So if I wanted to be in the final I needed to harden the fuck up and do good here was my only small option ,

Photo by

How many pizza do you eat per day ? Photo by

The chipper was it called and it was announced beforehand ,some of the athletes maybe had tryied it before , I dont knowbut the timecap was 8 minutes And YES offcourse it starts of with some strict handstand pushups :) but i have been practicing so…. the wod was 5 strict Hspu 10 t2b 15 boxjump over 20 onearm kb snatch alternating 24kg 25 deadlift 60kg 10 meter frontrack walking lunge 25 deadlift 10 meter frontrack walking lunge and then back so 20 onearm kb snatch 15 bj over ,10 t2bar and finnish of with 5 strict hspu.  I let the movie show you what happened


the time was 7:47 :) and I won that wod and no one else finnished it :) so I htfu , but unfortnately it wasnt enough I came in short and missed the final by 1 point !Think something went wrong in the counting from the first wod think I was 4 or 5  , but didnt wanna try to argue all in all it was a great and super fun competition and I wanna go back to diano marina and do another competition who will join ?Almost forgot to tell you about Fredrikke who also competed for the first time ever and went total beastmode on some events , The first Wod she started of a little bit nervous and the double unders wasnt 100% solid but the thrusters were good, on the second one helen she went full retard and was throwing kettlebells screaming on norwegian english and latin to the poor italian judge :) On the chipper she was fastest of everyone in the handrelease pushups (insted of strictshspu) but she never done a knee to elbow, and before the wod she thought she was going to quit but htfu and going into it a goal to do 1 knee to elbow, and she did all ten :)

photo by the amazing -

I got this MFers photo by the amazing -

and manage to trow some more kettlebells at the judges :) little bit surprised of the 16 kg kb that was said to be 12kg  she did a real solid effort and did some great snatches while singing the intro to rocky 4

photo by



photo by

Do you even count my reps ? photo by











The best part with the vacation was all the new nice people we meet , Alessandro the photografer Allessandro the Coach the people from albenga the people from crossfit Lugnano who helped us out with the language , Arianna who guided us to the best food, Andrea Manzone who cheared on me ! And a super fun thing for me was the nicknames I got  :) ask me or big Fredd and we will tell you if you wanna know ?

Do I even modell when finnish a wod ?  photo by

Do I even modell when finnish a wod ?
photo by


photo by

photo by

feel a sleep on t2b photo by

feel a sleep on t2b photo by



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