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Crossfit oslo Olympic Camp Vol 4

imageThis weekend was epic !

The fourth olympic camp and eight people hungry for lifting was entering this saturday morning , some doing their first some doing their second and even one doing his third olycamp !

We started of with knowing what level we are in weightlifting, and what the goal for good progress should be , comparing yourself to top athletes is never fun but reality :) and actually it is a little fun aswell :)

Every one started of lifting 10 sets of 2 reps snatch and then the same for clean and jerk ,

Vegar Simon and Cristobal the guys with a little bit more routine started of pretty solid and the willpower was on top, Simen and Chistian aswell very pretty fired up and allready in the beginning of the long session Christian did some big Prs in his snatch, Simens technique was going to improve big aswell and he had a nice Pr in the snatch the second dayimage image,The girls corner started of a little bit soft , need to feel the bar and dont think so much ,but both Maria and AnneMarie had good timing wich planted for very good technique and they kept the bar real close and a smooth barpath

image image Thomas our masterfotografer with alot of stairs in his legs, needed to find his focus outside the lens and his lifts was going to be real good.


Vegar know what he is doing and he came in for the third time , actually not hoping for any prs but all off a sudden it just happens when you are pasient! Simon and Cristobal two very strong and powerfull athletes using their arms alittle to much in the pulls but after some position 3 work it started to look much better , you just just want to take all of the power and put in on the right spot on the bar !imageimageimage


See you next time ? / Coach Ray

Olympic Camp

This weekend I organised a olympic weightlifting camp at Crossfit Oslo for the second time. With 2 hard days with two sessions a day and a lot of reps all of the participants pushed their lifting to new levels! Hard work , focus and repetitive training was the main theme for this weekend and I dont think anyone had problems getting their sleep in after thoose days :) no sheep counting so to speak!

Here is Espen who have been participating in two camps and seen a tremedous improvement in his olympic lifts, this is a Pr for Espen and a pretty solid lift he have the bar close and have very high speed on the bar, to progress further on the snatch espen will need to catch it lower, and he will ;)

The Camp started 09:00 in the morning on saturday , and the brave warriors came in early with fire in their eyes. We kicked of with finding out what levels people where on, and what goal should be next and how we where going to train this weekend. After that went thru a god warmup, which was going to show that its was going to be more and more important the longer out in the camp we went on :)

Then people started of their lifting with some snatches and following it up with some more sets of clean&jerk and I get to work starting analysing their lifts and how they move how their where built and what shoesize they got and some more. Some people started of a little bit nervous but the nervousity would decrease together with the increase in the speed on the bar.