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This is a blog/homepage about me Raymond Paldanius and I am a hard training 31 year young Crossfit Coach at Crossfit Oslo.

Olympic Camp

This weekend I organised a olympic weightlifting camp at Crossfit Oslo for the second time. With 2 hard days with two sessions a day and a lot of reps all of the participants pushed their lifting to new levels! Hard work , focus and repetitive training was the main theme for this weekend and I dont think anyone had problems getting their sleep in after thoose days :) no sheep counting so to speak!

Here is Espen who have been participating in two camps and seen a tremedous improvement in his olympic lifts, this is a Pr for Espen and a pretty solid lift he have the bar close and have very high speed on the bar, to progress further on the snatch espen will need to catch it lower, and he will ;)

The Camp started 09:00 in the morning on saturday , and the brave warriors came in early with fire in their eyes. We kicked of with finding out what levels people where on, and what goal should be next and how we where going to train this weekend. After that went thru a god warmup, which was going to show that its was going to be more and more important the longer out in the camp we went on :)

Then people started of their lifting with some snatches and following it up with some more sets of clean&jerk and I get to work starting analysing their lifts and how they move how their where built and what shoesize they got and some more. Some people started of a little bit nervous but the nervousity would decrease together with the increase in the speed on the bar.


Crossfit Games OPEN 2014 – my view as an athlete and coach

The Crossfit Open 2014 is finally over. Im gonna tell you my views on it both as an athlete and as a Coach. My Goal this year was to be better than last year, and with more participants in the Open this year, and people all around the world getting better, I thought that was a good goal for me to master. Last year I landed on a place of 1435th in Europe region and 16063th place worldwide (only) with a few months of training.

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