This is a blog/homepage about me Raymond Paldanius and I am a hard training 31 year young Crossfit Coach at Crossfit Oslo.

I love what I do and I do what I Love.
Coaching people and seeing their progress is the most amazing thing. The smile they bring when they know they have mastered something is just beautiful. For example when someone start at Crossfit Oslo and in their very first contact they start with the squat and have a really hard time to get down. A month or less later the same person sit down ass to the grass in a squat waiting for their class to start in :D Awesomeness !

And of course when someone get their first Muscle up and just is up there in the rings and smile, then I wanna be there and tell them to ring the PR bell!

For myself the very first time I tried crossfit I fell in love with it. When I saw what the coaches did to people I started to work on myself to become a coach one day. Actually it happened much faster then I thought,  maybe to fast, but I learn every day and all the time I try to improve my teaching and contact with people.

In this blog you will get read about my training, personal records and a lot about Olympic weightlifting, which I am very passionate about, and find very interesting. Maybe you´ll end up in one of my Olympic Lifting camps.


Hard facts

Name: Raymond Paldanius
Age: 31
Weight: 97 kg
Height: 187  cm
Work: Coach at CrossFit Oslo
Nationality: Half swedish, half finnish with greek/spartan ancestors
Crossfit level 1
Crossfit Olympic Weightlifting
Crossfit Strongman
Crossfit Coach Prepcourse
Eleiko Strenght Coach level 1
Eleiko Strenght Coach level 2
Eleiko strenght Coach level 3

The eleiko courses are about Olympic weighlifting and are based on science and principles