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Just outside the podium…..

image23 place not exactely what we was hoping for , and we had the capasity to be better , but things just didnt turn out that way , event by event – the first one muscle ups and c&j the one we finished at training , would we finnish it at regionals we would have been at second place , but yeah we didnt have a plan for things not going our way so we didnt come second here :) Event 2 hang snatch , here I blacked out bigtime its much to say about this one but nervous stressed and bad focus sums it up pretty well , in the next event handstand walk I made my 3 meters :) why I didnt walk further can also be a mystery because I had pretty good balance but it just seemed so f€$£cking long to the next stripe :/  so after day one we was on a solid 29 place and the road to games could seem a bit hard , so not sink any deeper on the list of teams was a good start (30 teams in total) day 2 Eivind watched 300 movie on the way to the arena so we where supposed to dine in hell but when we knew we sat in almost last place we needed to harden the fuck up and we did- Eivind did some thrusters (only 53) I gave him 3 bonus of mine , we did some rope climbs ended up second in our heat AND WE WHERE GOING TO THE GAMES as Immortalls . Next event strict handstand pushups and something more , E and D did their reps fast and distinct but our judge was definetly from deutchland , so booth D and E did some bonus reps for jesus , and it was my turn :) with a solid sinuitis (bihullebetenelse) upside down was just a perfect movement I mean I had like 2 reps before so here was something I should crush but we can just blame hitler things didnt really become crushed and it even took to long so the girls didnt have time to crush it either :( well well . Day 3 was coming in and it started of with a event we knew we was going to do good and we did :) we won everything ….. And dined at hot buns… Last event pullups and overhead squats we had 16 minutes to finnish it and in training we made it in only 35 minutes so going in to this one we knew things might be complicated – but I got to tell ya know 2 weeks after im still sore in the lats and shoulders from thoose pullups and oh squats !

Sum it up with a supergood experience, epic weekend with a lot laughing and really charged for next year and big ups for everyone participating – the Team – the fans at home and the fans at the tribune – our massageteam – the au pair – and crossfit oslo who have build us ATHLETES !

Sorry it took so long for the post to come out ! image

I would be glad if I have to do burpees at regionals


Hei bloggen !

imageSo the team training has been going on for the last couple days , and the team events was released for a while ago, not so happy with the outcome I must say but its just to harden the f@@k up and get workin on the weaknesses, Event 1 isnt to bad and would actually for me be pretty enjoyable if just the muscle up rings where a little bit higher , but here I know our team can do good , the first regionals events worldwide kicked of this weekend and after watching it Its not many team that where able to finnish the first wod , and on team training last thursday we finnished it within timecap wich is real gold !HVP_20140510_8-2Event 2 the hangsquat snatch isnt to bad either, us guys have pretty much the same weight here wich is an advantage timevise and we looking to hit something above 90 kg all 3 of us and did so in practise on thursday , the girls snatches are also good and I think we can have a good total score on this one ! And then comes event 3 few minutes later :) The max distance handstand walk oh my god :) Daniel Eivind and Maris handstand walk is pretty solid mine not so much and Ingunn and Marie also have some small dificulties finding the balance but some more session and I think we will manage some feets togehter in copenhagen.

Day 2 and Event 4/5 Thrusters and ropeclimbs Here the girls have 10 minutes to finnish the event and right after us guys have the same just slightly heavier thrusters , on fridays team training we didnt really reach our goal before timecap, but we have a smarter game plan of bigger sets of thrusters and maybe switch the bar in front rack (the bar cant touch the ground) so with some gamepower and harden the f@@k up we can do it !HVP_20140510_2-2

Event 6  So here comes my favorite event NOT SO MUCH , strict handstand pushups :) not even close!! My personal best is 2 unbroken and thats allso the score I got on friday :( buhu , here I have the most work to do to not let team down, because every rep counts right so I really gonna try this last few days to get in some more shspu so can do some cleans and aswell would be so glad to do thoose 9 burpees !

Day 3 event 7 This one of the teams better events and here the guys are paired with the girls, and me and Ingunn are going out second starting of with rowing while Ingunn doing double unders and the switch meaning i will have some pulse (a nice warmup) before going in to thoose lovely double unders this part is not our strongest because of little slow double unders , but when we finnish that and get to the deadlift we will make up some ground , and then on the toes to bar we just need to hang in there hang in the toes to bar hang han ha ha  !HVP_20140510_12-2HVP_20140510_11-2

Last event 8 this one is nasty , and if everyone would move as good as Daniel it wouldt be a problem but its just the amount of pullups and heavy overhead squats is a hard combination and here we need to fight for every rep, saw the best times here where like 12 minutes and we `only` used 30 :) but we going in full retard and we will se how it goes!

You can follow us at  games/ on friday we kick of at 9 in tha morning so make sure the black brew is on by then !

Crossfit oslo Olympic Camp Vol 4

imageThis weekend was epic !

The fourth olympic camp and eight people hungry for lifting was entering this saturday morning , some doing their first some doing their second and even one doing his third olycamp !

We started of with knowing what level we are in weightlifting, and what the goal for good progress should be , comparing yourself to top athletes is never fun but reality :) and actually it is a little fun aswell :)

Every one started of lifting 10 sets of 2 reps snatch and then the same for clean and jerk ,

Vegar Simon and Cristobal the guys with a little bit more routine started of pretty solid and the willpower was on top, Simen and Chistian aswell very pretty fired up and allready in the beginning of the long session Christian did some big Prs in his snatch, Simens technique was going to improve big aswell and he had a nice Pr in the snatch the second dayimage image,The girls corner started of a little bit soft , need to feel the bar and dont think so much ,but both Maria and AnneMarie had good timing wich planted for very good technique and they kept the bar real close and a smooth barpath

image image Thomas our masterfotografer with alot of stairs in his legs, needed to find his focus outside the lens and his lifts was going to be real good.


Vegar know what he is doing and he came in for the third time , actually not hoping for any prs but all off a sudden it just happens when you are pasient! Simon and Cristobal two very strong and powerfull athletes using their arms alittle to much in the pulls but after some position 3 work it started to look much better , you just just want to take all of the power and put in on the right spot on the bar !imageimageimage


See you next time ? / Coach Ray